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Erich Michael 'Anomalies within the Genus Phalaenopsis'

Erich Michael of Erich E. Michel joined Hoosier Orchid Company as Laboratory Director in the Spring of 1991, after studying Biochemistry and Microbiology at Indiana University. He has great interest in all aspects of the propagation of orchid species, and handles our laboratory programs, as well as having responsibility for the implementation of our research programs. His research has included Tetrazolium Red Stain testing for living tissue using oxidation; the determination of seed-coat thickness and consequential sterilization requirements; the germination of terrestrial orchid species from Europe, South Africa, Australia, and the United States; experimental hybridization using new subtribe combinations in the Catasetinae; media formulations in relation to growth rates; pollination mechanisms; phylogenic relationships; seed and pollen storage; and virus and its effect on plantlet growth. He and William Rhodehamel have published the most comprehensive and extensive listing ever compiled of green capsule harvest times. He was a speaker at three World Orchid Conferences, Rio, Vancouver, and Miami, on his specialty of Conservation and Micropropagation of Orchid Species. Erich is an Accredited American Orchid Society Judge. In September of 2008 Erich formed his own Company, Michel Orchid Nursery, and purchased all the breeding stock in-vitro (sterile flask) from Hoosier Orchid Company. Michel Orchid Nursery now maintains one of the largest collections of artificially propagated Orchid species in the Country.

Angela Mirro 'Orchids in Art and Illustration, From an Historical Perspective'

Angela Mirro at Smithsonian ExhibitAngela studied art at Parsons School of Design and developed a career as a textile designer, while also focusing on botanical watercolors of orchids. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in many private and public collections, including the Shirley Sherwood Collection, the Atlanta Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society, and the American Orchid Society's Headquarters in Florida. She has received numerous awards and commissions to create posters for the New York International Orchid Show, the Miami Orchid Show, the Club Peruano de Orquideas Orchid Show, and the American Orchid Society's 75th Anniversary. Her work has been reproduced in numerous books and journals on orchids. She is currently creating textile designs for the Home Collection at Ralph Lauren.

Recent Exhibits include:

Holger Perner, Ph.D. 'Paphiopedilum in China - Their Biology, Cultivation and Propagation'

Holger Perner Ph.D.Because Holger had unknowingly picked some wild orchids for a wildflower bouquet, a friend of the family and local school teacher, introduced him to orchids by showing the 9 year old boy an illustrated dictionary of native plants and animals. When Holger saw the painting of a Cypripedium calceolus in it, he was hooked for life! 31 years later in August 2001, after a university training in plant ecology and general biology as well as several years of work in a national laboratory, Holger moved from Germany to China, the global distribution center for slipper orchids. He and his wife Wenqing (pronounced ‘When-Ching’), worked for the Huanglong National Park, North Sichuan, within in a program sponsored by the German government. After the end of that program the couple stayed in China and continued working for the park, but also runs a nursery and plant laboratory, focused on native Chinese orchids. The mass-propagation of slipper orchids and their international marketing is a specialty of their company. Holger is a member of several orchid societies, he is judging orchids at international events, is breeding new hybrids, and conducts active research. In the past this research was in orchid ecology, currently it is more focused on applied reproduction biology, i.e. developing and improving in-vitro propagation techniques. This is done with the credo that artificial propagation is the best approach for conservation of orchids after protecting the wild populations and their habitats. His research and development in artificial propagation of native slipper orchids was a major aspect for being awarded the highest distinction the Peoples Republic of China grants foreign citizens, the Foreign Friendship Award. Holger has contributed to books (The Genus Cypripedium; Genera Orchidacearum vol. 1; Orchids of Huanglong) and frequently writes articles for international orchid magazines. He has also scientifically described new orchid species, the most prominent of them Paphiopedilum vietnamense and Paph. hangianum. In his talk he will introduce the paphiopedilums of China, and talks about their native habitats as well as their cultivation and propagation.Paphiopedilum in China - Their Biology, Cultivation and Propagation

Chris Purver, Curator, Eric Yong Orchid Foundation 'Oncidiinae at the Eric Young Orchid Foundation'

Chris Purvert - Curator, Erick Young Orchid FoundationI have had a great passion for plants since my early childhood, and have been fortunate enough to continue this into my professional career. My training focused on commercial horticulture; specializing in ornamental plant production. Since graduating I have enjoyed a varied career at some of the major nurseries within the UK horticultural industry. This has encompassed management roles both within the ornamental plant production sector, and trading from European/UK growers for supply to leading supermarket multiples. My last position within UK horticulture was with a horticultural charity, to develop and manage a large and successful commercial horticulture unit. Seeking a new challenge I moved to Jersey in 1998 to take up a post at the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, one of the world’s most prestigious orchid centers, becoming curator in 2002. Being curator involves not only the operation of a successful tourist attraction, but also overseeing our hybridising programme, regularly exhibiting at major international orchid shows, and presenting lectures at national and international level. I am an accredited judge for the British Orchid Council (BOC), and serve as a judge and current Vice Chair for the Orchid Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). I also serve on the RHS Advisory Sub Committee on Orchid Hybrid Registration (ASCOHR), and the International Orchid Committee (IOC). The last decade has been a steep learning curve, but one I find immensely rewarding.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy 'Orchid Photography'

Other Dayton/Cincinnati Orchid Activities

2013 MVOS Schedule
Cox Arboretum
Dayton, OH

All Meetings start at 7:00 PM– Social time and culture questions at 6:30

May 7
Bill Thoms
Bulbophyllum Culture

May 8
Bill Thoms
Growing and Showing Specimen Plants

June 8
MVOS & GCOS Picnic & Auction

July 10
David Bird
Bird’s Botanicals
Growing Orchids in a Cave

September 11
Marguerite Webb
J&L Orchids

October 9
Brian Jorg
Native Orchids

October 19-20
Mid America– Dayton Ohio (Orchidsandart.com)

November 13
Russ Vernon
New Vision Orchids
Growing Mini Cattleyas

December 7
Holiday Party